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March 2016

Market Eating House

I love coming back to visit Bunbury, the place where I grew up, mostly because this is the place where my family and childhood friends are, not because I necessarily loved Bunbury. However in recent years Bunbury has definitely been upping it’s game, fuelled by passionate people bringing life into the town with street art, community events, food and music festivals, and a growing collection of new bars, cafes and restaurants putting this town on the map.

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Threecoins Italian Trattoria

After a week of being sick and really needing to get out of the house but feeling the need for some real comfort food in a relaxed setting, I had just the place in mind. Threecoins in Mt Lawley had been on my list since I had heard about the restaurant and in particular, their pasta, made fresh daily, in house.

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Petition Kitchen

The restoration of the State Buildings and the new venues within them would have to be one of my favourite additions to our city. I love walking through and feeling a sense of history within those walls and the work undertaken to bring them back to life, in all it’s former architectural glory, while brimming with new life, is an amazing achievement.

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Birthday lunch at Aravina Estate (and the start of this blog)

I love food…..
I’m passionate about good honest food and fresh produce and I really enjoy (try) keeping up to date and ‘in the know’ of all the new (and not so new) Perth bars and restaurants while ticking them off my (rather long) list of places to go. I guess you could call it my ‘hobby’.

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