One word, dumplings! I just love them and definitely don’t get to eat to them enough, so I was really looking forward to checking out Miss Chows in the Claremont Quarter. It had been a while since I had been to the Claremont Quarter and for a shopping centre it sure is a lovely place to have dinner (or a great lunch in between shopping), it’s certainly no food court!

The restaurant itself has a lovely vibe, with unique modern decor, distinct green wall tiles and hanging lanterns. It has the character of a Chinese restaurant while at the same time feeling current and trendy.


We managed to catch the end of happy hour when we arrived so there was a great little food and drinks specials menu to take advantage of. The staff were lovely and gave us a few reminders when it was nearly over in case we wanted to squeeze in any more happy hour ordering.

Not knowing how many dishes we would need, we decided to order as we go, which worked well as all the dishes came out really fast. First up from their specials board was the organic purple carrot dumplings with beef and coriander. The colour from the carrot was amazing, they were juicy and flavoursome and great if you like coriander, as it was the standout flavour.


Next we had the prawn and vegetable pan fried dumplings (part of the happy hour) which were delicious. I love this type of dumpling, crispy fried on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. We loved these so decided to also try the pork and vegetable ones but the prawn was definitely the winner as the pork was a little dry.


My favourite though had to be the minced pork shanghainese dumplings, just thinking about them makes me want to devour a whole plate to myself. These little gems are steamed and come out super hot so you do have the be careful not to burn your mouth. Their little guide to how to eat dumplings certainly helps with these ones.


There is a hot broth inside so the key is to poke a hole in the dumpling to let the steam out, add some soy (or not) and after it’s cooled down a bit pop it in your mouth and enjoy the warming, nourishing, satisfying morsel that is a steamed dumpling.

We decided to also try one of the mains so went with the caramel spare ribs with black vinegar caramel, pineapple and mint. The ribs were certainly tasty with a sticky sweet coating and needed the pineapple and mint for some relief from the sweetness. They were a little bit messy to eat (we totally used our fingers), so maybe not the best date night food, unless you know each other well. I was kind of hoping for the sort of ribs where the meat falls of the bone but this wasn’t the case, they could have been more tender and juicy but they were still enjoyable.


After the ribs we felt we needed to order one more serve of dumplings just to finish on a clean and refreshing note. Another round of those shanghainese dumplings and I was happy (and I was getting better at eating them).

There’s actually a lot more variety of dishes on the menu but honestly, I’d be happy just to eat dumplings. The staff were all really lovely and the restaurant feels inviting and relaxed. The dishes were tasty and the dumplings were what I wanted them to be, simple, delicious and comforting.

Put it on your list for a mid week date night or for that lunchtime shopping break that won’t leave you feeling full and tired (so you can keep shopping of course!) or make the most of the happy hour with after work drinks and dumplings.

Rhi xx



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