With all the hype surrounding the opening of The Reveley at Elizabeth Quay, joint venture between The Stables Bar and Brockwell Hotel Group (Rosie O’Grady’s, The Boheme and The Globe Bar and Eatery), expectations were high when some friends and I went for dinner on Friday night, however I was prepared for some teething problems being their second night of service.

In my opinion Elizabeth Quay is a fantastic addition to Perth, as I feel it really connects the CBD with our beautiful river front. The Quay just takes Perth up a notch and I think in a few years time as it develops, the buildings are finished, more venues open and the landscaping becomes more established, it will be the place to be. So with this in mind The Reveley is really a no brainer when you’ve got an amazing location and views to die for.


We had planned to get there a bit before our dinner reservation so we could have a drink on the roof top bar although it was already at capacity when we got there so we tried to find somewhere to sit downstairs. We managed to find a table but not enough chairs and by the time another table had freed up we were allowed to head up to the roof, so up we went. Wow, Henry’s Rooftop bar has it going on and with the sun starting to set and casting a glow over our fine city, this is the perfect place for an evening drink.

It did take quite a while for us to be served and when I was finally served by a waiter, chewing gum, open mouthed (total turn off), I ordered an Aperol Spritz. He was struggling, as was everyone it seemed, to find the ingredients to make it, to pour it (I got a bit splashed with aperol) and then to find it on the register to complete the transaction. Eventually, drinks in hand we found a spot to sit and we finally got to relax and enjoy the view (and take a million photos).


Really impressed with the roof top bar and I’m sure once they get into the swing of things it will be even more amazing. My only concern was with space, it’s quite small and there are a couple of big tables that seem to take up a lot of room which isn’t really conducive to maximising the space, although I’m sure this will work itself out.

Drinks finished and time for dinner we headed into the dining room. Stunning floor to ceiling windows give more opportunity for gazing out at the view and the space has a relaxed feel with neutral tones and some lovely timber elements giving it warmth.

We were thoroughly enjoying our night but after quite some time had passed since ordering (and getting hungry), I had to ask if our meals were far away. As soon as I asked they came out but unfortunately we had some cold plates. The two steaks that were ordered had cold mash and cold bearnaise sauce. Plates were taken and brought back and the sauce came back cold again and again, to the point it was no longer wanted. It felt like a few of the dishes had been siting under the heat lamp for a while. This aside the meat was cooked perfectly and just the way it had been ordered for my fellow diners.


I had ordered the roasted pork belly with parsnip purée, granny smith apple and sprout leaf slaw. The pork was how I wanted it to be, soft tender meat with a golden crunchy crackle on top. The slaw was fresh and light and was the perfect accompaniment alongside the purée. This was a good dish and well balanced although I wasn’t ‘wowed’, it just seemed pretty simple and a small serve for the price.

Another of my fellow diners ordered the sage gnocchi with roasted cauliflower, cavolo nero and shaved cambray sheep cheese. I was lucky enough to get a little taste of this and the gnocchi was divine, light and fluffy and melt in your mouth, I had total food envy!


We had also gotten excited at the thrice cooked fat chips with roasted garlic mayonnaise and ordered two serves for the table however they were a bit disappointing. One serve was only 6 chips and they weren’t really crunchy as you would expect for being cooked 3 times. I ate them because I was hungry but wouldn’t order them again.

After the issues with our table one of the staff apologised and offered us a complimentary dessert tasting plate for the table. This was a nice touch which we gratefully accepted. I really felt for the staff, you could definitely sense the stress going on and they were just doing the best they could and everyone was really friendly.

The dessert came out and it was an interesting array of tastings on the plate. Everyone’s favourite was the Bahen organic chocolate délice with sour cream ice cream and salted caramel peanuts. This had a delicious rich chocolate but there wasn’t too much of it and it was balanced out by the salted caramel and the ice cream. This one was a winner.


I so badly wanted the bookara goats milk yoghurt bavarois with honeycomb, fig and pistachio to be amazing because it’s my sort of flavours but it failed to hit the spot. The bavarois had a strange flavour and texture but this was probably because of the goats milk yoghurt, and the fairy floss honeycomb left a powdery after taste in the mouth. The granny smith apple malt crumble had good flavours but the apple was more like a purée and lacked some sophistication. I actually liked the pepperberry ice cream that went with the crumble, it was non-traditional and the rest of the table weren’t fans but I thought it was nice and creamy, with a complex flavour and hints of lavender, which balanced well with the sweetness of the apple.

Regardless of the few issues we experienced we all had a really enjoyable night and I look forward to going back when the dust has settled and they’re running like a well-oiled machine. The Reveley oozes potential and I have no doubt that this will be a highly successful venue.

Put it on your list for sunset cocktails and tapas on the rooftop bar, the view is amazing! I might give it some time before I go back but it’s definitely worth adding to your list, the entrée’s all sounded fabulous and I would go back for the gnocchi alone.

Rhi xx



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