It had been a few years since I’d dined at Greenhouse Perth and with all the new venues opening in the city it wasn’t my first choice for dinner this particular evening, however we ended up there and I was keen to give it another go. On first glance at the small menu I was a bit worried that there wasn’t much to choose from. The menu wasn’t what I remembered it to be all those years ago, and apart from burgers and salads there was only a small ‘to share’ section.

After a bit more of a look, the share plates all sounded pretty good and we ended up ordering 4 things to share and I had some excitement back. The vibe at Greenhouse is pretty low key and as we were seated at the back of the restaurant it did feel like we were a bit separate from the main section, which kind of lost some of the atmosphere. Greenhouse is all about sustainability and you can see that in the recycled materials used throughout the space, from the furniture to the flooring, and the vertical garden growing up the face of the building. They also have a roof top bar which is quite hidden and a great place to escape to for a drink when the weather’s warm.


Our food arrived and we were definitely not going to go hungry. We ordered the Taiwanese popcorn chicken with ginger sweet chilli, the grilled haloumi with basil, candied walnut and lemon, the beef cheek mogo mogo in a banana batter with burnt salsa and pepita and finally, the royal blue potato tots with chipotle sour cream. The first thing that caught my eye was the haloumi. I love the deliciousness that is squeaky cheese and this looked so good on the plate. Nicely browned with a good amount of basil pesto and sprinkling of herbs. A good squeeze of lemon really brought this dish to life and it was so moorish. Great balance of flavours and with the addition of those candied walnuts this was my favourite. YUM!


Next plate that I was really curious to try was the beef cheek mogo mogo. Now, I was a little confused when ordering this about how it would come out (even after explanation from the waiter) with the combination of beef and banana but it was surprisingly enjoyable. The beef cheek was super tender and juicy, covered in a sweet banana batter and I’m guessing had been deep fried. Still a slightly odd dish for my tastes but it was good none the less.


Our last two dishes were of the naughty fried variety but gee they were yummy. How can you say no to popcorn chicken?! Juicy chicken, perfectly golden with a crunchy coating and dipping sauce. I actually preferred the chipotle sour cream we had for the potatoes to go with this one and I wish we’d had more of it.

The potatoes were also a winner, nice and crunchy. I have to have that crunch factor if I’m ordering potatoes at a restaurant and this dish had it in spades, without having to mention how many times they were cooked or what sort of fat they were cooked in. Thank you Greenhouse for keeping it simple.


We were way too full for dessert and as one of the last to leave the restaurant it was probably time to go. After an unsure beginning I was pleasantly surprised with the food and enjoyed everything we ordered. Not having a very extensive menu, and wanting more than burgers and salads when I go out for dinner, I’m not sure how often I would go back but I applaud the concept of the restaurant. The service was great and everyone was friendly, I would just love them to bring back some more variety to the menu.

If you’ve never been or haven’t been for years like myself it’s definitely worth the visit for the yummy share style food and casual, quirky vibe. Also a great option for lunch in the city with it’s central location and the breakfast options sound delicious too.

Rhi xx


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