Food for me isn’t just eating 3 square meals a day, food is something I’m passionate about, it brings joy and inspiration, smiles on faces, and I’m always dreaming about my next foodie experience. There are many people in Perth these days doing amazing, interesting and inspiring things with food and I just want to get amongst it! So when I discovered Secret Suppers I was intrigued and excited. Talented creatives wanting to bring something unique to Perth, for lovers of food, to highlight WA’s incredible produce and to give us a chance to meet new people and do something different.

After missing the first one I was super eager to get my ticket to the second event and was even more excited after learning the theme was honey. My parents have bee hives and produce their own honey. I find bees fascinating and amazing and have hope that we can keep our state free from disease and continue to produce not only the best honey but everything else that bees allow us to grow.


We were very lucky to have local bee keepers Blaine and Tristan from Honey I’m Home Produce there on the night with their delicious honey to taste and purchase, an observation bee hive, loads of information on bees and their witty humour to keep us entertained. Definitely look them up if you’re looking for tasty, local, raw honey, they even have some whipped honey varieties like peanut butter and honey, and mulled spice, forget the toast, eat this out of the jar!


Our first course for the evening was an entrée of pulled pork loukoumades with cinnamon and honey syrup. This was a savoury take on Greek doughnuts and they were fabulous. Crisp outside, fluffy inside, stuffed with pulled pork and drizzled with honey, how could you not love these. Great start to the night, taste buds primed, wine bottles cracked, glasses poured, everyone seated and we were under way.


Our next dish was ‘An Ode to Smoking the Hives’ which was smokey babaganoush, salad leaves, caramelised pumpkin, feta and a smoked pepper sauce. The babaganoush had just the right amount of smokiness and combined with pumpkin and feta was a taste sensation. You know it’s a winner when non eggplant fans finish the entire dish.


Next up was poached chicken with honey balsamic glaze, celeriac purée, kale and potato croquettes. The chicken was soft and tender, the purée smooth and creamy and that balsamic glaze was to die for, it gave the chicken a beautiful sweetness and brought the dish together.


Fourth course was cheese, gotta love a cheese course. A board of incredible looking cheese hit the table, warm triple cream brie from the oven, soft blue Castello with a hunk of honeycomb on top, and pan fried haloumi with peppered honey figs. I have never liked blue cheese and normally really adverse to even trying it but with the honey oozing over it, I had to give it a go. It was amazing. The honey helped to cut through the strong taste of the cheese and instead gave it sweetness. The combination was perfect and definitely something I want to recreate on a cheese board at home. The haloumi with the honey figs was also very moorish and that gooey melting brie was heaven. YUM.


Last dish of the night, dessert, and another divine looking plate placed in front of me. This was called ‘In Bloom’ and rightly so, with rose meringue, rhubarb curd, mascarpone and pistachios, this was pretty as a picture. This was a small dish but a perfect way to end the meal, just the right amount of sweetness with some tartness coming from the rhubarb, this was a delight to eat.


This was such a great evening, with interesting conversation, meeting new people, learning about bees and of course, super delicious food. I can’t wait for the next one and will definitely be supporting this exciting new venture. With so many great food events happening in our city, if you want to try something a bit special now is the time and this is definitely one you should add to your list (if you can find them).

Rhi xx