Date Night

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July 2016

Soul food at May Street Larder

I find going out for breakfast or brunch always a great idea in theory but too often I am disappointed with the food. I guess it’s because my love for going out to eat is to experience food that I wouldn’t or couldn’t cook myself at home so the standard bacon and eggs just doesn’t do it for me, because that, I can do (and pretty well too). It also drives me a little crazy that you often can’t book and have to fight against everyone else with often large lines and waits at busy cafe’s and without my morning coffee and an empty stomach, this never bodes well. So with more cafe’s doing interesting things, serving up dishes outside the norm and all day brunch becoming more common, my interest in going out for breakfast (or brunch) has certainly been reignited.

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Cocktails, crushed velvet and crayfish toasties at Halford Bar

One of my favourite new drinking destinations in Perth would have to be Halford Bar. Located down a flight of stairs in a back corner room of the beautifully restored State Buildings, this classy but fun new bar has its home in what used to be the basement Safe Room of the 1897 Titles Building. I dare say it looks a whole lot different to what it would have done in 1897.

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Bringing in winter with a menu launch at The Old Laundry

I had already dined at The Old Laundry a couple of times since they opened and had really enjoyed my visits, breakfast may not have been perfect (I’m a bit fussy when it comes to going out for breakfast) but a date night dinner was a winner. I love the venue itself, the outdoor courtyard area and the general vibe of the place and in my opinion perfect for date night. So when I heard they were having a menu launch for $50 to try 5 new dishes I was eager to check it out.

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The soaring heights of Swallow Bar

Stepping into this quaint small bar in Maylands was like being transported to a charming bar in Paris, very European in style and brimming with warmth and energy. Swallow Bar in Maylands had been on my list for a while and I wish I had visited sooner.

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