I had already dined at The Old Laundry a couple of times since they opened and had really enjoyed my visits, breakfast may not have been perfect (I’m a bit fussy when it comes to going out for breakfast) but a date night dinner was a winner. I love the venue itself, the outdoor courtyard area and the general vibe of the place and in my opinion perfect for date night. So when I heard they were having a menu launch for $50 to try 5 new dishes I was eager to check it out.

We had quite a large table of food and drink loving peeps on the night and the place was full and buzzing with other hungry diners keen to dive into the new menu. The tasting plates were designed to share between two people which I think was a wise move as the narrow table did get a little over crowded with plates and glassware at times. First up we had crusty bread with EVOO and house made hummus, technically this was a sixth dish, and a nice little extra with that delicious hummus. Bread is totally my weakness and I really had to limit myself so I did’t get full too quickly.


Next, the pincho, soft shell crab with black pudding, these came out on a larger plate and it was one each but a lovely little morsel it was. I initially forgot about the black pudding and dove straight in and it was delicious. Black pudding tends to make me squeamish but I think it’s more the thought of it than anything, it actually tastes pretty good. The crab was perfectly crispy and moorish and the richness of the black pudding complimented it beautifully.


Beef cigar was next, brick pastry, beef, saffron yoghurt and a citrus almond salad. The beef cigar itself was well executed and rich in flavour with the salad and yoghurt giving it the freshness it needed to balance it out. With all the components together in one mouthful this was well put together and a great dish.


Next to hit the table was the grilled market fish, red snapper, parsnip puree, capsicum coulis, green beans, sheep yoghurt and gremolata. The fish was soft and well cooked and I particularly liked the combination of capsicum coulis and parsnip puree. To read on the menu, and on the plate, there was perhaps one too many elements on this dish. I liked the idea of the sheep yoghurt but with both the puree and the coulis it wasn’t really needed and the plate was a little messy. Flavours all worked well though so with a bit of fine tuning this could be both beautiful and tasty.


Last savoury dish of the night was the gnocchi, house made and with a cider pork, crisp pancetta and mustard. Gnocchi is another one of my favourite meals when done right and this one wasn’t bad. The gnocchi was well cooked but with too much liquid in the bottom of the bowl it ended up being a bit wet and soggy. For me, I like gnocchi to be either pan fried and golden without sauce or in a saucy rich ragu, this was somewhere in the middle, the sogginess without the hearty sauce. The pork however, was to die for. Soft, tender, full flavoured and falling apart, the pork was the star of the dish.


We were all pretty full by the time dessert was placed in front of us which was a bit of a shame because it was divine. The pistachio cake with mascarpone and passionfruit curd had the right amount of pistachio, great texture and the mascarpone and passionfruit gave it a lovely lightness. The violet panna cotta with honeycomb and white chocolate mousse was sensational. Could have been a little more set but the flavours were amazing and together in one mouthful were in perfect harmony, this was my favourite. Lastly the chocolate truffle tart with double cream. This was a chocolate lovers heaven, super rich, dark and decadent, the double cream was certainly needed here but this was another great dessert to round out the evening.


The food was all enjoyable with only a few minor things I think could be tweaked but then again that’s only my opinion and the things I didn’t like someone else might love, ah the beauty of food. It was a lovely night with great company and a great way to explore a new menu. Service was great, we had to give a couple of reminders for drink orders but they were busy so I can forgive that, and they were otherwise very accommodating and super friendly.

The Old Laundry is a great venue, a fantastic little spot in North Perth that has something for everyone. They are open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with both inside and outside seating, fabulous cocktails and that charming small bar feel in the evening. Put it on your list if you haven’t been yet or head back to check out the new menu.

Rhi xx



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