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August 2016

All about French toast at Frisch and Barć

The power of Instagram was recently highlighted for me with the opening of the new Frisch and Barć  in Como. I mean, I know how big of an influence social media is and I guess it depends on who and what you follow based on your interests but man, this place was all over my news feed. After all the photos I saw of that French toast pop up everywhere I just had to go check it out and I knew exactly what dish I would be eating. I know we’re all drawn to different things when it comes to food, and well, life in general, but this was a testament, not only to how much social media can influence your choices, but also, to how darn amazing that French toast was!!

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Delicious food and seaside views at Odyssea

After the opening of Odyssea earlier in the year and the hype that surrounded it, it was firmly on my list, however due to its popularity and crazy busy weekends it seemed a mid week dinner was the way to go and that time had come. Odyssea is complete beachfront on City Beach and part of an impressive new development that will include a couple more establishments as the year goes on. I’ve often felt Perth has suffered from a shortage of good beachfront restaurants, which seems like such a shame considering our incredible coastline and breathtaking sunsets. So whenever a new one opens up and promises food that matches the view, I’m in. Odyssea had a couple of negative reviews early in the piece but as this is fairly normal whilst a new venue finds its feet it certainly did not deter me and I can tell you now, after my visit, I can’t wait to go back.

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A day in the country at Green Door Wines

It was a sunny, blue sky winters day a few weeks ago and with a lunch date with my mum on the cards, we were hanging out to head back to Green Door Wines in Ferguson Valley after a successful birthday lunch earlier in the year. The Ferguson Valley is a charming wine region 20 minutes east of Bunbury and aside from being in my parents back yard it is one of my favourite places to visit. It’s much much smaller than the likes of Margaret River and because of its size it has a lovely warm, community feel to it without all the tourist hype. There is a handful of fantastic wineries, a couple of breweries and restaurants and lots of pretty scenery, especially at this time of year when everything is green and lush.

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