After the opening of Odyssea earlier in the year and the hype that surrounded it, it was firmly on my list, however due to its popularity and crazy busy weekends it seemed a mid week dinner was the way to go and that time had come. Odyssea is complete beachfront on City Beach and part of an impressive new development that will include a couple more establishments as the year goes on. I’ve often felt Perth has suffered from a shortage of good beachfront restaurants, which seems like such a shame considering our incredible coastline and breathtaking sunsets. So whenever a new one opens up and promises food that matches the view, I’m in. Odyssea had a couple of negative reviews early in the piece but as this is fairly normal whilst a new venue finds its feet it certainly did not deter me and I can tell you now, after my visit, I can’t wait to go back.

Upon entering I was impressed by the interior design, whites and blues, airy and beachy, just what you want to complement the location. The only thing I was sad about was that it was winter, cold and dark, so no outside deck seating and sunset cocktails for us, although there were a couple of brave people sitting outside, heaters going of course.


The staff were instantly warm, friendly and eager to assist in making the night a great one. The tables seemed a bit close together so it almost felt like communal dining with the strangers next to you and a bit tight for the waiters to get around but I love the decor. I also love the beautiful French Oak dining tables, made by a dear friend at Raw Edge Furniture, they are perfect in the space!


We decided to skip entrée and focus on main and dessert, gotta love a friend who’s happy to indulge me in my food loving (and blogging) ways. My friend ordered the Korean spiced BBQ pork belly with cucumber kimchi. I was tempted to order this myself but we were warned of the spice level so it was a no go for me but I got to taste it and the pork was lovely and tender, full of flavour and with a good chilli kick.


I ordered the roasted Tasmanian salmon with coriander, mint, walnuts and hummus. This came out with pops of pomegranate and a fabulous piece of crispy skin. The fish was perfectly cooked and melt in the mouth delicious. I enjoyed the walnuts and hummus which complemented the fish well but I would have loved some sort of vegetable with this dish, it was sort of just sauce and garnish, but tasty all the same.


Dessert time and we decided to order two and share, for research purposes of course. The one I tackled first was the doughnut with baked chocolate ganache, caramelised banana icecream, orange oil and hazelnut crunch. This looked pretty epic when it hit the table and I was glad we were sharing as a half serve of this completely satisfied my sweet tooth. The doughnut was exactly how a doughnut should be and I loved the banana icecream, only wished there was more. The ganache was dark and rich and happily not too sweet with some needed bitter notes. The orange oil was a great addition, adding a citrus tang and the hazelnut just topped off a pretty amazing dessert.


Time to swap and it was my turn to try the tahini parfait with blood orange, dates, pistachio and marshmallow. On ordering this was recommended as a slightly savoury dessert which had intrigued and excited me as I prefer this over super sweet desserts and I wasn’t disappointed. The parfait was so good, there was a salty nuttiness to it and it took me right back to my childhood with all the halva we used to eat. The parfait was the star on the plate but its supporting acts shone the light and pulled it all together in harmony. The fresh, zesty, juicy blood orange, sweet dates, fluffy and slightly torched marshmallow and house made fairy floss, this was a taste sensation. YUM. I know for some people this dessert might be a bit ‘weird’ but I absolutely loved it. Thanks Odyssea for doing something different and interesting!


Such a fab night and food I will definitely go back for. Can’t wait for summer to sit out on that deck with a cocktail and watch the sunset. This place screams date night, whatever the weather, it’s got the romance factor, and with amazing views and food to match, it should be on everyone’s list.

Rhi xx


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