The power of Instagram was recently highlighted for me with the opening of the new Frisch and Barć  in Como. I mean, I know how big of an influence social media is and I guess it depends on who and what you follow based on your interests but man, this place was all over my news feed. After all the photos I saw of that French toast pop up everywhere I just had to go check it out and I knew exactly what dish I would be eating. I know we’re all drawn to different things when it comes to food, and well, life in general, but this was a testament, not only to how much social media can influence your choices, but also, to how darn amazing that French toast was!!

I wasn’t keen on battling with the crowds on a weekend so a mid week brunch date was the perfect excuse to go and get my French toast fix. On arrival I was even more glad it wasn’t the weekend as the space is pretty small, cute, light and airy but small. We got a table easily but there was still quite a few people around. The service was friendly but it didn’t feel overly warm but I guess it’s hard to connect with a cafe business these days when it’s all ‘help yourself to cutlery and water’, find a table and order at the counter and then add in how crazy busy they get. On the plus side, they do complimentary sparkling water, a nice touch I’m happily seeing more and more in Perth.


I love the vision behind Frisch and Barć, the menu telling the story of where the name originated. A nobel prize winning Ethnologist by the name of Karl Ritter von Frisch studied European honeybees and discovered that they communicate and interact with one another and the environment to build the barć (wild beehive). Thus creating a community that relies on each other to survive. Frisch and Barć is focused on food, coffee and community.

The menu takes inspiration from a few different countries and it’s nice to see some dishes on the menu that you don’t get everywhere. There are certainly many things I will have to go back and try but on this visit I just had to have the French toast and see what all the fuss was about. My brunch date, although really wanted to order something different, was also drawn to the French toast, so this blog post is pretty much all about French toast.


I was also hanging out for my morning coffee, they use a local roaster, Top Shelf Coffee, and boy was it good. I even ordered a second one as a take away on my way out. First coffee nearly finished and the food arrived, it looked amazing. Brioché French toast with coconut and pandan custard, berry and apple compote and crushed pistachio. Such a pretty plate of food, great choice with the dark blue plates by the way, the colours just burst off the plate. First mouthful and I was hooked, everything was so nicely balanced, nothing was too sweet, there were pops of tang from the citrus and berries, nicely fried but fluffy brioché and that silky smooth, slightly sweet custard was utterly delicious. I didn’t really taste much pandan flavour but I didn’t care, everything on the plate was damn good and I ate every last bit. Both our plates looked like they had been licked clean.


Feeling very satisfied and happy with the dish we had devoured we still couldn’t go past a little peek at the sweets cabinet. Sweet treats supplied by Gluten Free Table and I couldn’t resist taking home an espresso brownie, with it’s own little syringe of espresso, to go with my take away coffee. It’s cute but I think the syringe idea is better in theory than reality, the brownie was yummy though and definitely filled any sugar craving I still had.


As a breakfast or brunch dish that French toast was definitely one of the best things I’ve eaten for a while so it completely lived up to all the hype. As well as being beautiful to photograph it was truly scrumptious. Cafe’s in Perth are giving me more and more reasons to go out for a morning meal with and it seems the ‘brunch date’ is fast becoming the new ‘lunch date’.

Rhi xx


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