Seaside dining, pockets of glorious sunshine (not sure where that disappeared to!), catch ups with a gorgeous friend and meeting her new bundle of joy, this was set to be the perfect lunch date.

Stepping into Kailis Trigg Beach I instantly fell in love with the space, beachy, lots of timber, high ceilings, Hamptons’esque and tons of natural light with the glorious ocean out the window. It was initially a little confusing to find the restaurant entrance with the newly revamped kiosk out the front, but once inside and a glance at the menu I knew this was going to be good.


It had been a while since I had visited the Kailis venue in Leederville, but with strong memories of great seafood and it clearly being their specialty, seafood was definitely on the cards. I was after something a bit substantial (after a few drinks the night before) and was loving the sound of the spaghetti marinara. Once I found out there was a chef’s special featuring crayfish, I was sold. We also ordered a small plate to share as I was eager to try another dish (my eyes are always bigger than my belly).


Our entree came out quickly, char grilled Rottnest squid, fregola and gremolata. This looked amazing on the plate, vibrant colours and a heavenly smell. I’m such a fan of squid, and when it’s cooked well and paired simply with flavours that work it’s to die for and this was one of those dishes. To be honest, when we ordered it I wasn’t sure what fregola was, I now know it’s a type of pasta similar to couscous and it was so yum! With a slight bit of heat from some chilli, garlic, lemon and parsley, this was incredibly moorish and full of flavour.


Then it was time for our marinara and boy was I looking forward to this. We both ordered the same and I’m glad we did as there would have most certainly been food envy. A generous serve of spaghetti hit the table, partially served in half a crayfish shell, juicy vine ripened tomatoes creating a bit of sauce while still keeping the dish light, with perfectly cooked morsels of crayfish throughout, parsley and the right amount of seasoning. This was one of the best seafood pastas I’ve had in quite a while, simple, generous and darn tasty. I didn’t think we’d finish our plates but as soon as I’d put my fork down I’d go back for more, just couldn’t help it.


Pretty full and ready for a nap I knew there was a dessert on the menu I just had to try and with a friend to help me share it, the order was placed. We asked for a bit of time in between so after some chatting, pasta digesting and baby cuddles, we were ready. The loukoumades arrived, traditional greek doughnuts, with walnuts, orange shavings, vanilla bean ice cream and pistachio sugar. Another generous serve, 6 doughnuts, perfect for sharing and oh my god, regardless of how full I was the smell alone would have lured me in. Golden and crisp on the outside and soft and doughy in the middle, covered in sticky, sweet goodness. The ice cream was needed and so were the zesty, candied pieces of orange and the crunch of the walnuts. This dish was amazing but really sweet, definitely one to share between two or three people, after two doughnuts I was done and happy, I ate the third (of course) but it got a bit sickly sweet at the end.


We thoroughly enjoyed all our food, left incredibly full and had such a lovely time. The venue is just beautiful, views divine and the service was fantastic. Another fabulous beachside dining venue delivering superb food for all your lunch and dinner date needs. I also love how they have revamped the kiosk into the new Canteen Trigg for something more casual and with a great alfresco area right on the beach, this place is sure to be pumping come summer (if it ever arrives).

Rhi xx


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