Walking up to the olive green building on Clifton St, the home of the old Louisa’s restaurant, fond memories rushed back of being taken here for dinner on special occasions by my parents as a young teenager. Having sat empty for quite some time it was lovely to be back in this beautiful building, having been given a new lease on life as Platform One Five. Maintaining its charm but with a fresh new look, this new addition to the Bunbury dining scene has created an urban feel with a focus on fresh food and offering something for everyone with a varied menu.


I was thrilled to be invited to the VIP dinner and even more excited once there to get stuck into trying the food that was on offer. A bit of mingling, lots of chatting, a glass or two of sparkling and the food starting coming out. First canapé platters offered chicken quesadillas, tortilla crisps with guacamole, bruschetta and salt and pepper squid. Trying to pace myself initially, I only tried the bruschetta and the squid. Both tasty with my favourite being the bruschetta. A little nervous picking these babies up, while standing, with drink in hand hoping to eat more than I wear but thankfully these were constructed perfectly. A couple of delicious mouthfuls of tomato salsa, feta and balsamic.


The second lot of canapé platters came out with some great sliders and I was happy that they were cut in half so I decided I better try them both. The Moroccan chicken was good but I loved the stuffed mushroom sliders. Nice and juicy and so full of flavour. The evening in full swing, we were officially welcomed and seated.


All the mains were share style, one of my favourite ways to eat, I love getting to try a bit of everything. First main was one of my favourites of the night, lamb rump with potato, beans and jus. So tender, the meat was generously seasoned, perfectly cooked and melted in the mouth. This dish was a hit and everyone was excited to see what was to come next.


Next dish was fettuccine with smoked trout, red onion, capers, fennel, cream and tarragon. Another flavour packed dish and a great creamy pasta dish that wasn’t too rich. The trout was divine and the combination of ingredients sang in harmony. Simple food, executed well.


Beef and pork cannelloni ragu was up next and came with garlic bread and ricotta. I think this may have gotten a little rich if I ate the whole thing but I thoroughly enjoyed my little taster. I find garlic bread, although such a simple thing, quite often a let down but this one was really good. A luscious Italian dish exactly how you would expect it to be, tasty and comforting.


Starting to get pretty full and a surprise dish arrived, an additional dish that wasn’t on our menu, Moroccan chicken, potato gratin, salsa verde and asparagus. The chicken was moist with a yummy crunchy coating, while the salsa verde added some great freshness and zing. Another flavour bomb, this dish was certainly popular around the table.


Our last main was sirloin with prawns and scallops and was a beautifully cooked piece of meat, again seasoned well. The scallop I ate was slightly over done but that’s just me being critical. I couldn’t fault the cooking of the steak and for the amount of dishes that came out all looking the same I was impressed. I was also incredibly full by this point and struggling, just a little.


I was very grateful at this stage for a little break in the food as I knew dessert was coming and you can’t go to these things without trying everything, right?! When the dessert board arrived I think for a small moment everyone forgot how full they were and tucked in. First one we all went for was the banoffee pie, definite crowd pleaser with the sweet and slightly chewy caramel, crisp pie base, cream and caramelised banana. Yum. The chocolate lava cake was nice and chocolatey but not quite gooey enough for me but the pavlova was scrumptious. Crisp and a little chewy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside and the fruit was a lovely fresh way to cut through the sweetness on the plate. The dinner still wasn’t finished though and last but not least was a trio of sorbet. Not made in house but so darn good, flavours were passionfruit, watermelon and mango. The mango sorbet was amazing, tasted exactly like mango. Creamy and refreshing and a perfect way to end the meal.


Happy faces and full belly’s all round, VIP launch dinner was a success! Such an incredibly decadent and thoroughly enjoyable meal and I can’t wait to go back and visit soon. The restaurant is open everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with function rooms available and hopefully an alfresco area soon. With all new restaurant openings I’m sure there will be some teething problems but with a great concept and vision, fresh, tasty food, an experienced chef at the helm and a manager with great enthusiasm, I’m sure Platform One Five will be a success. Do yourself a favour Bunbury, go check it out and support your new local venue.

Rhi xx