Lover of food and wine and dining out (although good home cooking is amazing too!). I love checking out all the new bars and restaurants in Perth (and surrounds) and love that this city of ours is becoming a vibrant place to be. We all just need to get out and enjoy it!

I grew up in the South West and most of that childhood was spent on a bit of land to run around on. My mum has definitely been the driving force behind my love of good food as no matter what, we always had good food on the table and boy is she an amazing cook! Veggie gardens, chooks, bee hives, farmers markets, fresh local produce and food cooked with love, to me this is what food is all about. Sharing a delicious meal with your loved ones is just the best and who doesn’t love a good date night! Dining out or in, my life does feel like it largely revolves around food, maybe it’s the European influence in my family history, whatever it is, I love it!

I may have needed some encouragement to start this blog but what’s better then spending time doing something your passionate about right?! This blog is purely for my own enjoyment but if I can share my love of food with others and encourage more people to get out and about to check out this great city then that will be pretty good too.

Hope you enjoy xx