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Bringing in winter with a menu launch at The Old Laundry

I had already dined at The Old Laundry a couple of times since they opened and had really enjoyed my visits, breakfast may not have been perfect (I’m a bit fussy when it comes to going out for breakfast) but a date night dinner was a winner. I love the venue itself, the outdoor courtyard area and the general vibe of the place and in my opinion perfect for date night. So when I heard they were having a menu launch for $50 to try 5 new dishes I was eager to check it out.

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Secret Life of Bees Supper

Food for me isn’t just eating 3 square meals a day, food is something I’m passionate about, it brings joy and inspiration, smiles on faces, and I’m always dreaming about my next foodie experience. There are many people in Perth these days doing amazing, interesting and inspiring things with food and I just want to get amongst it! So when I discovered Secret Suppers I was intrigued and excited. Talented creatives wanting to bring something unique to Perth, for lovers of food, to highlight WA’s incredible produce and to give us a chance to meet new people and do something different.

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Picardy Wine Dinner at Duende

When one of your favourite wineries teams up with a restaurant you love for a wine dinner, you know you just have to go, but when you can’t find someone to go with (unbelievable I know) and the restaurant owner talks you into coming on your own, you know, in a way, you’re taking a risk.

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