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Seafood feast at Kailis Trigg

Seaside dining, pockets of glorious sunshine (not sure where that disappeared to!), catch ups with a gorgeous friend and meeting her new bundle of joy, this was set to be the perfect lunch date.

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Delicious food and seaside views at Odyssea

After the opening of Odyssea earlier in the year and the hype that surrounded it, it was firmly on my list, however due to its popularity and crazy busy weekends it seemed a mid week dinner was the way to go and that time had come. Odyssea is complete beachfront on City Beach and part of an impressive new development that will include a couple more establishments as the year goes on. I’ve often felt Perth has suffered from a shortage of good beachfront restaurants, which seems like such a shame considering our incredible coastline and breathtaking sunsets. So whenever a new one opens up and promises food that matches the view, I’m in. Odyssea had a couple of negative reviews early in the piece but as this is fairly normal whilst a new venue finds its feet it certainly did not deter me and I can tell you now, after my visit, I can’t wait to go back.

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Bringing in winter with a menu launch at The Old Laundry

I had already dined at The Old Laundry a couple of times since they opened and had really enjoyed my visits, breakfast may not have been perfect (I’m a bit fussy when it comes to going out for breakfast) but a date night dinner was a winner. I love the venue itself, the outdoor courtyard area and the general vibe of the place and in my opinion perfect for date night. So when I heard they were having a menu launch for $50 to try 5 new dishes I was eager to check it out.

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Getting cosy at The Cabin Small Bar

When I think of a small bar in Perth that is cosy, intimate and perfect for a date night, The Cabin in Mt Hawthorn definitely springs to mind. It feels warm and inviting as soon as you step inside and with the low lighting, exposed brick, wood fire, couches and heated balcony, it’s perfect all year round. The inside space actually looks and feels like someone’s lounge room and the decor would be right at home in a cabin in the woods.

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