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Picardy Wine Dinner at Duende

When one of your favourite wineries teams up with a restaurant you love for a wine dinner, you know you just have to go, but when you can’t find someone to go with (unbelievable I know) and the restaurant owner talks you into coming on your own, you know, in a way, you’re taking a risk.

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Getting cosy at The Cabin Small Bar

When I think of a small bar in Perth that is cosy, intimate and perfect for a date night, The Cabin in Mt Hawthorn definitely springs to mind. It feels warm and inviting as soon as you step inside and with the low lighting, exposed brick, wood fire, couches and heated balcony, it’s perfect all year round. The inside space actually looks and feels like someone’s lounge room and the decor would be right at home in a cabin in the woods.

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Leederville eats by rickshaw

There’s going out for dinner and then there’s going out for a 3 course dinner over 3 venues with a rickshaw as your mode of transport. The Leederville Food Safari takes in Kitsch Bar Asia, Ria Malay Kitchen and Foam coffee bar over 3 hours with entree, main and dessert. The order of venues and start times vary slightly to fit in more bookings (the first time we tried to book they were booked out!). Definitely book early to avoid disappointment.

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Dumplings for days at Miss Chows

One word, dumplings! I just love them and definitely don’t get to eat to them enough, so I was really looking forward to checking out Miss Chows in the Claremont Quarter. It had been a while since I had been to the Claremont Quarter and for a shopping centre it sure is a lovely place to have dinner (or a great lunch in between shopping), it’s certainly no food court!

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Lunch with a view at The Shorehouse

It’s pretty easy to get excited about a restaurant, located beachfront in this great state of ours, and when it comes from some of Perth’s elite in the restaurant game (The Trustee, Enrique’s School for Bullfighting and the Beaufort Local) expectations start high. This casual chic, Swanbourne beauty had been on my list since reopening as The Shorehouse, so I was looking forward to lunching here on one of our perfect sunny Autumn days.

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